Monday, February 7, 2011

Anyone watch the X games?

I know that it was a couple weeks ago, but the X games this year were pretty awesome. Some of the tricks were pretty crazy. Of course Sean White dropped some pretty crazy tricks. my favorite thing was the superpipe which sean white ended up winning. Definitely cool to watch, but i like the riders who are in it for the sport not necassarily the money. Mark Frank, Dylan thompson, and Travis Kennedy are probably some of my favorite riders that are with Technine. they have a lot more of a underground riding style.


  1. Thanks for the comment! I like the topic of your blog a lot! I love all things snowboarding. Last year during the Vancouver Olympics, I spent my days living on the boardercross and halfpipe events. I actually got to meet gold medalist in boardercross, Seth Wescott which was pretty cool. Shawn White is awesome. I'm sad I missed the X Games. I don't watch TV unless it's a big event like the Olympics and usually hear about events after they happen. I'll be sure to stay in tune more often. I haven't heard of those snowboarders, but I need to check them out. Besides Shawn White, I am a fan of Louie Vito and Torah Bright. It's pretty cool that there are a lot of pro snowboarders who train in Utah.

  2. I agree with you. I haven't watched the X games in years and grew up traveling and competing in snowboarding I lost an interest and stopped riding when it became a team sport. I still rep Bozung and Magoon but T-Kids part in THAT was game over. The snowboarding world is a lot different once you join the business side of things. Stay with the real riders MFM and those dude will be riding still once the sport dies and sadly it will just like snowboarding in the 70's and skateboarding in the 80's.

  3. I know I'm a little late on this too but I watched the Mens Street Snowboard Finals and Nic Sauve tore it up. When he dropped that 270 front lip I lost it. Then after that he did the SWITCH 360 50-50! I went insane! Spilled my beer and everything. Great stuff man.