Monday, February 14, 2011

Snowboard Graphics


What do you guys think of snowboarding graphics? I feel that there are some pretty cool ones available out there. I think it definatly depends on the board company. I like how technine has alot of graffiti styles avaliable. Burton has some pretty cool designs, but I dont think they are as artistic.

I know that both companies make more than these two particualr boards, but You kind kind of get a sense of the inteded riders.

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  1. I can't say I know a whole lot, but I do like snowboarding graphics quite a bit. I wish I could update my gear, but boards and a day for a ride is pricy. I went last year with my brother to get his gear. I checked out all the snowboards. It's difficult finding a board that appeals to you and feels that it represents you. I would say the difference between the Technine boards and Burton boards is street art v. clean look. I went to both Technine and Burton websites. Technine seems to have more of a local artist, street art, community feel, whereas Burton has the clean look design. I want to try riding with these type of boards. Mine are old school and step-in bindings from way back in the day.