Monday, February 21, 2011


I have noticed that a lot of people on the slopes have headphones in. I personally have my skull candys in and I think having the right music helps you get in your groove. I have boarded a lot of times without headphones and obviously you can still snowboard fine. Theres nothing like a fresh powder bluebird day with your i pod. What is everyones music preferance when they go snowboarding (skiing) ?


  1. When I watched the Vancouver Olympics, I noticed almost all the boarders had music and earbuds in before they jumped into half pipe. I always bring my iPod on the slopes just in case I really want them, but I like being unplugged in the mountains. I like hearing how the board sounds in the snow. I like the silence and the sound of the mountains when I'm up there. However, I do like music that the resorts play as you're around the lodge. My ideal playlist to board to if I was pro and all is all electronica. Especially songs by Justice.

  2. Its crazy how music can change your riding style. Some Blackalicious or Atmosphere on the iPod makes me flow and mellow out. Then Slayer, and all my metal makes me charge the mountain and often try new, high risk tricks or take a hairy line that I wouldn't do without the tunes to pump me up.

    This is even evident in a lot of pro rider styles. Just look at the difference in Arron Bitner (hip hop) and Pat Moore (Metal)