Sunday, January 23, 2011

types of riders

I have noticed that there are the type of boarders who are really into riding park, and then there are the riders who are all about riding the mountain. Both are fun, but you can definatly tell who the park rats are. The snow boarding company Tech nine is definatly more about park. ( Park is boxes, rails, kickers, halfpipe etc. basically things people can do tricks on) A lot of the riders you see riding park are decked out in tech nine gear.
Then you have riders who like going in the back country, doing tree runs, finding there own jumps. I'm not saying that you can't do both, but ususally you wont see the kids all decked out in tech nine gear doing tree runs. I personally have a tech nine board, but im not all about doing park.

Its interesting that the way people choose there gear is really almost an expression of the type of riding that they enjoy.


  1. I haven't noticed Technine. If there is a Technine club out there, then I'm out of the loop. I am all the way Burton, Smith and North Face gear.

  2. Technine has a lot of local pro riders. They ride at brighton a lot. They have snowboards and snowboarding gear. You can get it at Milo. I know salty peaks doesnt carry there stuff, but then again Milo doesnt carry burton. I think Burton can make a good board, but they are very corporate.
    Check them out

  3. I havent been snowboard in a couple years but I have always enjoyed both the parks and riding the mountains. I have never been exceptional in snowboarding but it is always fun to hit big jumps or to ride through some deep powder searching for natural jumps or drop offs. I dont own any Tech nine gear myself. I'm sure its good and cool gear but I am cheap and I buy the cheapest stuff I can find.

  4. I have been boarding a lot this year and I don't remember the snow being so rough all the time. Do you think that this year has been especially bad for conditions or am I just not remembering?